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Top ten prescription only medicines price list

Riverside Veterinary Practice has its own dispensing pharmacy able to supply the medicines prescribed
for your pet. Below are the top ten most commonly prescribed medicines taken over a typical three
months in the last year.

Prices are updated regularly; to ensure you have an up to date price please ask your veterinary surgeon
during consultation. The price of other medicines can be provided on request.

Dolagis 120mg tablet 0.89 p
Dolagis 50mg tablet 0.61p
Loxicom Cat 13.69
MIlbemax cat 6.03
MIlbemax dog 6.03
MIlbemax puppy 1.96
Noroclav 250mg tablets 0.92 p
Piriton 4mg tablet 0.04 p
Prednisolone 5 mg tablet 0.06p
Program plus 25-47 kg 44.58 per box
Prices excluding VAT and dispensing fee. Prices above September 2012

In order for us to prescribe drugs classified as POM-V (prescription only medicine- veterinarian)we must
have the pet under our care and carry out a clinical assessment. On occasion, the appropriate
medication may not be available in a licensed form; on the consent and estimate form we obtain your
permission for use out with licensed conditions. There are few licensed products available for exotics
species: most hospitalised exotic patients will be given therapy for their benefit, which is not
licensed, but which is commonly used in practice.

Further information about rules surrounding the supply of veterinary medicines is available upon request.
A client can obtain veterinary medicines on prescription from a veterinary surgeon of his/her choosing.
The charge for providing a prescription is 10 per item prescribed. It may not be appropriate to provide
a prescription if the pet is an in-patient or requires immediate treatment.

Our invoices distinguish between the fees for professional services and the fees for medicinal products.
Repeat prescriptions may be obtained from us for a maximum of 6 months but for some drugs this period
may be shorter. Re-examination of patients on long term medication is required at least every 6 months
and more frequently if indicated. A consultation fee is applicable for re-examination,clinical assessment
and review of medicines. Please give us 48 working hours notice for collection of repeat prescriptions.
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